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An initiative from residents for residents An initiative from residents for residents

Hello and Welcome!

Green Martinstown is an initiative from residents for residents

Green Martinstown Group Aims and Guidelines 

Here are some simple guidelines to help us achieve our aims in a peaceful and respectful manner.

• Our aim is to help Martinstown become more sustainable - leading to carbon neutrality; recognising that this will take however long it takes

• Green Martinstown is non-political 

• We are a non-confrontational group, every voice should be heard and respected 

• We welcome all Martinstown residents to join in and support our aims 

• We recognise human activity is contributing to major climate change but we do not apportion blame or point the finger at anyone – rather, we are and have all been party to taking from 'nature' (as if nature is different from ourselves) with little thought to the consequences. Re-assessing our relationship to nature is crucial to genuine sustainability 

• We do not focus on the threats of climate change, more on the benefits of taking action

If you have any relevant news, articles or links to share please email them to:  [email protected] and we can add them to the website. Scroll down to enjoy a few recent articles by Martinstown residents. 

Enjoy our site and we are always adding new content.

If you have any queries about Green Martinstown, please email us at: [email protected]

Deborah and Andy Daw, David Milner, Michaela Siemen, Jo Lacy Smith, Colin Tracy                                     


Green Martinstown Members Meeting

Open to anyone with an interest in what we do. Martinstown Village Shop Tuesday 14th June 7.00pm

A short AGM followed by looking at the way forward with new projects and maintaining projects already done. 

Drinks and Buffet. Please RSVP to [email protected] so we know how many to cater for in terms of food and chairs!

Thank you

Green Martinstown  Home

Dorchester Transport Action Group Meeting   June 15th 7.00pm  at  Dorchester Corn Exchange.

Come and have your say about transport in the area. It may be possible to have an electric bike scheme in Dorchester with a bike hub in Martinstown. With the renewed bike path through Clandon Farm being upgraded now this may be a real possibility and reduce road traffic.




As HEDGEHOGS emerge from their winter hibernation, can we please watch out for them? They are so vulnerable - so here are a few suggestions for what we can all do to help them:

  • if you know they visit your garden, provide a meal of the specialised hedgehog food available in garden centres
  • put out a shallow dish of water
  • a log pile is irresistible to them, as is a pile of leaves
  • beware when using your fork in a compost heap to avoid a sleeping hog
  • provide small gaps in your fencing at ground level
  • if you have a pond, make sure there's a means of climbing out to safely
  • do take especial care if driving through the village in the dark
  • please try to avoid using slug pellets: whilst they kill slugs, they also then kill the creatures that feed upon them.                     Allow the hedgehogs to do the job of dealing with slugs for you!

Let's do all we can to protect this wonderful creature and help our village population to flourish.

Katie Wilkinson


Trilby Fairfax, Green Martinstown member, has set herself the challenge of walking 1000 miles in one year - to raise money for Green Martinstown. Others may well join the challenge in their own way. Here Trilby tells us what inspired her and her progress so far. 

"On November 28th I was helping to plant some of the 70 Queen’s Canopy trees. I was lucky to be paired off by Deborah with Helen Thompson (also from Martinstown) - we seemed to hit it off well and spent a pleasant afternoon together chatting while we worked. 

On the way back Helen spoke of a walking challenge she was doing - 1,000 miles a year. That’s just under 3 miles a day, challenging but doable.  I found this so inspiring that I decided to start this challenge for a year from December 1st.

Then having heard that Green Martinstown is looking for ways to find finance, I had the idea to invite any of you who wish to sponsor me on this challenge, so that the proceeds can go to Green Martinstown!   

The walk is 1,000 miles.  As a possibility I suggest to sponsor me per mile.

For instance 1p a mile = £ 10 total, 2p a mile = £ 20 total, 5p a mile = £50 total etc

This can be paid up front or in instalments - this is a personal choice.

I am also inviting family and friends to sponsor me as well.  I am hoping all this may bring in some funds for whatever projects are up next at Green Martinstown.

In December I walked 106. 5 miles, so I'm on track so far!   At the start it was quite tough to get myself out there every day - especially with the mostly grey weather. 

But somehow now things are changing - it’s becoming more like an addiction. I am starting to feel like an arrow being shot from a bow - I just Have to go!  

Early mornings are particularly addictive - the swiftly changing colours of those clouds as the sun comes through… a wonderful way of waking up.

I plan to send a monthly update on progress to all who are sponsoring me. 

Many thanks to you Helen for inspiring me to do this challenge!

Warm wishes


Many thanks Trilby and GOOD LUCK

If you would like to sponsor Trilby, or other Walking Challenges, click on the Donate button. On the Donate page please make a note in the comments box that you are sponsoring Trilby. Thank you.


Ashton Hayes in Cheshire is a village just a little bigger than Martinstown with a population of just over 1000 (Martinstown has approximately 850) In January 2006 they decided to try to make their village the first carbon neutral village in England.

Among many other benefits, they now have an array of community owned solar panels supplying the village with electricity, a pool of electric cars for villagers to use and much much more. Here is a link to their website, a mine of useful information.


Dorset Climate Action Network

Across Dorset there are many different groups working towards a better world and there is a new umbrella organisation, the Dorset Climate Action Network, to bring us all together and be a central hub of information, expertise and wisdom. Their strapline is 'Stronger Together!' What more need we say?

Wiltshire Climate Alliance who have similar aims.

or Somerset Climate Action Network


Community sharing

It is likely that many households have a variety of useful items stored away in lofts, cupboards, sheds, or garages that although extremely useful are only used very occasionally.

Inspired by the Green Martinstown agenda I was wondering if there is a way to make use of these valuable resources on a loan to use basis. No doubt this is already happening to some extent but I wonder if it could be extended.

The benefits are numerous. Money could be saved by not purchasing items that are available to loan, thus reducing carbon footprints, avoiding landfill waste, saving on resources used in manufacturing products, and promoting community co operation.

Social media could be used to both request the use of and to offer items for loan, as could advertisements in the post office and using your social network in the community. You might not be aware of the Dorchester and South Dorset Local Exchange Trading Scheme. An existing group established to allow people to exchange services and items without using money.

“Something to lend, something to borrow.
Something to help a brighter tomorrow”
Richard Evans.


Are we in danger of spoiling our village?

Having moved to Martinstown from a city in recent years, one of the things I valued most about living here was the darkness at night. Needing to take a torch with me when going out in winter was a novelty.

But it has become noticeable how many more lights have been installed around the village lately; bright security ones, garden flood and solar lights, many of which stay on all night.

This is a pity for a number of reasons, and members of Green Martinstown feel it is a cause for concern.

The impact on wildlife

Light pollution poses a serious threat in particular to nocturnal wildlife, having negative effects on plant and animal physiology,

altering behaviour patterns and changing predator-prey relations.

Consider the threat to creatures such as hedgehogs, moths, frogs and toads, owls and bats, to name just a few.

The loss of our dark sky

Being able to see thousands of stars and the Milky Way galaxy in our night sky is such a privilege, lost to many living in towns and cities. The natural night sky is our common and universal heritage

and future generations need to experience it. Here in Martinstown we should not allow artifical light to wash out our starry nights.

Glare from nighttime lighting can also be a safety hazard.

The waste of energy

Over-illumination, even with energy efficient bulbs, is a waste of money and increases our carbon footprint.

The good news is that light pollution can be reduced fairly easily by shielding lights properly or directing them down, only using the minimum amount of light necessary, and fitting motion sensors or timers.

We call upon you, our friends and neighbours in the village, to consider whether your lighting is really necessary and if you could reduce the impact of it on the neighbourhood in some way. Please do make sure no lights are unnecessarily left on all night.

Let's reclaim the night for ourselves, for nature and for the planet.

Katie Wilkinson