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Information and Links

  • An article from Positive News about cargo bikes.
  • Healthy Homes Dorset is a partnership organisation that helps people who fulfil certain criteria, with loft and cavity wall         insulation, new heating systems etc.


  • Here is a link to The Renewable Heating Hub with - excellent for sorting the fact from the fiction!



               "John Kerry, Biden's special envoy on climate, tells the oil and gas sector that he wants to work together on plans to reduce                       emissions to meet global goals."    Joseph Markman,


A film about the state of our rivers by George Monbiot


  • CARBON footprint calculator

You might like to see how you are doing to help you plan steps you would like to take in 2021. I was pleased with our progress but we still have much keep to do!

  • Positive News!

Positive News is a magazine about the good things that are happening.

When much of the media is full of doom and gloom, instead Positive News is the first media organisation in the world that is dedicated to quality, independent reporting about what’s going right.


  • Terra Carta for the Earth by Prince Charles

Most people are familiar with the Magna Carta, the historic tome that laid the foundations for human rights. Well, now there’s the Terra Carta – or ‘Earth charter’ – which seeks to safeguard the planet by putting sustainability at the heart of the private sector. The charter was launched by the Prince of Wales, who called on companies to sign up and “put nature, people and planet at the heart of global value creation”.


  • UN Director General's speech

On 12 December, world leaders met at the Climate Ambition Summit in order to build momentum towards COP26, the crucial face-to-face summit of all world leaders to be hosted by the UK in Glasgow in October 2021.  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged all governments around the world to accelerate their commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.  He offered this crucial statement :

Here is a link to a video of a condensed version of his speech and a short extract:

“Dear friends of our planet,

This is a moment of truth.  But it is also a moment of hope.

More and more countries have committed to net zero emissions.

The business community is getting on board the sustainability train.

We see cities striving to become greener and more livable.

We see young people taking on responsibility – and demanding it of others.

Mindsets are shifting.

Climate action is the barometer of leadership in today’s world.

It is what people and the planet need at this time.

We have the blueprint - the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

But we all need to pass a credibility test: let’s make the promise of a net zero world a reality now.

On the path to COP26, I urge everyone to show ambition, stop the assault on our planet -- and do what we need to guarantee the future of our children and grandchildren."


  • ‘The Everyone Club’ is an online Community Interest Company that helps individuals lower their carbon footprint and live more sustainably. Concerned about climate change and want to do more? Help to get the planet fit in a few minutes a week and have big impact without the sweat. Like a gym membership for the Earth, we make it easy to flex your muscle


  • Below is a link to the search engine Ecosia. Just like Google but for every 20-45 searches you make, they plant a tree. If you do decide to change to Ecosia, you need to make Ecosia the default search engine in your settings - otherwise google automatically changes it back.

          What is Ecosia? - The search engine that plants trees


Solar car ports/parks

This is such a simple idea and of benefit in many ways. Not only do the solar panels generate electricity that can power the needs of the car park, charge electric vehicles and power offices nearby, for example, but they act as a sun-shield in the summer and a rain shield in the winter. Keeping the car cooler in summer and dryer in winter! Happy parking!

  • Lovely article about rewilding